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An app I made to practise puzzles from the UK game show 'Countdown', known in Australia as 'Letters and Numbers'. This app is in no way affiliated with the game show.

Includes 'letters', 'numbers' and 'conundrum' puzzle games. On completion of each game, the computed optimal solutions are shown. Also includes 'letters' and 'numbers' solvers to find the best solution for any input.

Letters Game

Try to create the longest word possible in 30 seconds using 9 randomly-generated letters. Decide as each letter is added whether it should be a vowel or a consonant. Possible solutions are taken from an Australian English word list.

Numbers Game

Try to reach a target number in 30 seconds by combining 6 other numbers using the four basic operations (multiplication, division, addition, subtraction). Operations can be in any order (brackets can go anywhere). Begin the game by selecting how many 'large' numbers should appear (between 0 and 4).


Solve a 9-letter anagram in 30 seconds.


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