Hi, I’m Ben Papacek - a software developer from Sydney.

Recently I came across this article, titled 'Soft material for soft actuators'. I tried to reproduce it but couldn't, think I got the wrong kind of silicon.
Lots of Kotlin and Javascript this weekend. Working on a new website suggested to me by my brother-in-law at Christmas. Using the Croppie js library for image cropping. Took a while to get the hang of it but now works really well.
Yesterday went for a walk near Leura with friends from work, added some photos.
Lately I've been trying to work out how to use session-scoped beans in Spring properly. I think for what I want I need to set proxyMode to ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS as described here. Still having some issues with it, but hopefully will get there.
Went for a hike near Springwood today, but forgot the SIM card for my camera so no photos. It was a very hot day but the track was great, I want to do it again.
Added photos from a walk in the Blue Mountains.
I've been meaning for a while now to offset my annual carbon footprint. ACG estimates it's about 15t CO2 equivalent. Bought offsets today through Greenfleet.
Added some photos from a walk I did about a month ago near Cowan, NSW.
Redeployed this yesterday for the first time in a long time. Also fixed up the nginx configuration.
Have been looking at using nanohttpd for Android. Also been trying out j2objc, a Google thing for transpiling Java to Objective C.
Tank Game 2.0, now uses tilt for directional control.
In other news, updated Earth 3D, Mars 3D and Moon 3D to fix the JME bug affecting Android Nougat.
Oops, accidentally let the SSL certificate expire. There was supposed to be a cron task updating it, but didn't work. Have to look into it.
Helicopter Game 2.3. Added some round launcher icons for Android 7.1, forgot about that in the last one.
Uploaded Helicopter Game 2.2 release. Fixed the rendering bug, seems like it was specific to Android Nougat (API 24+). Also got rid of yaw control (swipe left/right), didn't like it much.
Been looking at Helicopter Game this weekend. Fixed the bug where scenery wasn't rendering properly on some Android devices. In the process moved it from IDEA to Android Studio and from Ant to Gradle. Tank Game next.
Still shaving the yak as far as the Tank Game rework is concerned. JME3 seems broken on recent Android versions in that scenery isn't rendering properly, but just to work out how to fix that I think I need to downgrade my Android SDK.
This week I got an email suggesting I change Tank Game to use tilt for directional control, like in Helicopter Game. Seems like a good idea, so I guess that's next.
I added zoom, as well as mobile touch events for Mars 3D, Moon 3D and Earth 3D web projects. In the process had a go at remote debugging javascript on an Android device. Also fixed some pages that weren't displaying well on mobile devices.