Hi, I’m Ben Papacek - a software developer from Sydney.

It's been a while, added some new photos from a recent trip to Port Douglas and Toowoomba.
I just recently got a Raspberry Pi Zero W with a Pi Camera V2, so I've been playing round with that recently. The gradle plugin is (temporarily) on hold.
Lately I've been making a gradle plugin to help with j2Objc. There's one that exists already, but I want to go a bit further. Hoping to open-source it eventually. I've also been trying to learn iOS development. I've found using xcodegen to simplify version control works really well in combination with Carthage for dependency management.
Given up looking at Kotlin Native, had trouble with threading. Started looking at making a combined iOS/Android project using shared code with j2objc instead. Eventually I want to see if it's even possible to have shared code in Kotlin, decompiling it to Java before transpiling to Objective-C.
Lately I've been looking at making a gradle plugin to provide a kind of pseudo reflection capability in Kotlin Native. I'm going for a holiday to Tasmania the week after next.
Added some photos I took walking from Wondabyne station to Woy Woy about a month ago.
Been looking a lot at Kotlin Native recently, specifically trying to use it in combination with j2ObjC.
Google recently took all my android apps down because I hadn't filled in some new policy thing. Thanks Google. Guess I should pay more attention. Haven't done any new apps in a while, but I'd like to keep the ones I've already done on the play store.
I spent last week in Toowoomba with my family. Added some photos I took on walks nearby, as well as a couple of the moon during the lunar eclipse the night of 2017-07-27.
New blog post on a project I was working on much of last year, creating demonstration Android and iOS apps by embedding a NanoHttpd-based server in them.
Went for another walk from Berowra to Cowan. Saw a Rockwarbler, which I'd never seen before. Added some photos.
Went to see Red Fang live on Saturday, they were really good.
Yesterday I went hiking with a friend. We went from Berowra to Cowan via Berowra Waters. It was the toughest walk I've done recently, lots of steep climbs. Took my camera but forgot the sim card, again.
Added some photos from recent hiking in the Blue Mountains.
Still working on another site. Started using Taiga project management software, looks pretty good. Self-hosting Taiga with the help of these scripts.
Recently I came across this article, titled 'Soft material for soft actuators'. I tried to reproduce it but couldn't, think I got the wrong kind of silicon.
Lots of Kotlin and Javascript this weekend. Working on a new website suggested to me by my brother-in-law at Christmas. Using the Croppie js library for image cropping. Took a while to get the hang of it but now works really well.
Yesterday went for a walk near Leura with friends from work, added some photos.
Lately I've been trying to work out how to use session-scoped beans in Spring properly. I think for what I want I need to set proxyMode to ScopedProxyMode.TARGET_CLASS as described here. Still having some issues with it, but hopefully will get there.