Hi, I’m Ben Papacek - a software developer from Sydney.

My 3D printer is fixed now! I've been playing round with OpenSCAD.
Added new web versions of the 3D Globe projects (Mars 3D, Moon 3D and Earth 3D). The existing Android apps were made with JME3, the new web versions use BabylonJS WebGL framework. Still plan to add zoom, maybe also try to incorporate touch/swipe events for mobile devices.
Got a bit over-ambitious with the header image, didn't take server load time into account when testing locally. Reduced image size and added a background colour, bit better now.
Tried to simplify and prettify things a bit, added a new header image. It's a shot of the Brisbane skyline at night from Mt Coot-tha. I got it from Wikipedia Commons.
Last few weeks I've been refining some bash scripts so I can set up a new cloud server whenever I need to.
I worked out the nginx SSL stuff, so now this is all going through an nginx reverse proxy. Whoa...
Today I tried setting up nginx as a reverse proxy for this Apache server and a node.js instance. Went fine except couldn't get SSL working. Have to try again later.
New blog post on setting up OS X dev environment, for when I mess it up. Again.
Just finished migrating this site from a BlueHost shared server to a DigitalOcean VPS. So far seems to have gone ok... Got the SSL certificate free from Let's Encrypt.
Did a bit more on Helicopter Game (WebGL). The random number generator is now seeded with the date, meaning new scenery each day.
Just added Helicopter Game WebGL version. Info page here. Still not finished, and not exactly a 'game' yet, but anyway...
Recently I discovered babylonjs, a WebGL game engine. Rewriting Helicopter Game in javascript with babylonjs, nearly there.
Today I uploaded a new version of Crossword Helper, my first Android app. Updated the word list, among other things.
Short post on plotting latitude/longitude coordinates on a sphere for the three 'Globe 3D' android apps.
Last couple of days I tried out JME3's ability to build for iOS. Ran into some minor problems, but nothing insurmountable. Porting various JME projects to iOS is probably going to be my next long-term goal now that Tank Game is released for Android. In other news, new blog post.
Tank Game 1.2 for android
Tank Game 1.1 for android
2.5 years later... Tank Game 1.0 for android is almost here. I had published it, but have since found some bugs I want to correct before republishing. Hopefully tomorrow. Still have to update this page, new Desktop version coming soon.