Helicopter Game


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A 3D helicopter game. Fly the helicopter by tilting the device, swipe up/down to increase/decrease thrust. It's best to take off with the device approximately horizontal. Collect all the flags in the shortest time possible.

If you crash into stuff you die and have to start again. There are three levels, of varying difficulty. No ads, no premium content. Requires a device with OpenGL 2 support (most modern devices).

Developed and tested on a Nexus 7 and an HTC Sensation.

Made with JME3, see jmonkeyengine.org


Download Desktop Version 1.2.1

This is essentially just like the android version, but the controls are different. Also, the desktop version doesn't include long-term data storage (yet?) so high scores are not recorded.


Thrust Up
'S' Key
Thrust Down
'A' Key
Arrow Keys
'P' Key


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helicopter 1 helicopter 2 helicopter 3 helicopter 4